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Wow popular topic it seems.

I can say that I was *very* dissapointed with the A1200 when it was released.
Mostly, I hated that it only got a 14MHz 020 and even that one was crippled by slow chipmem. I was expecting 25MHz 030 minimum.
Also, I was hoping for AGA being closer to AAA rumours.

Anyhoo, I bought one anyway.. Only new Amiga in a decent price range for a student..
I wasnt very impressed with it. Dpaint AGA was neat however so I spent alot of time with that.

The minute I got my first accelerator, a Blizzard 1220 + FPU + 4MB RAM I started loving it!
And there has been love since ;-)
Later I got a Blizzard 1230, then I kind of maxed out at Blizzard 1260 + SCSi + 80MB RAM back in 1996/97..

During the dorment years I sold the accelerators but kept the 1200. Then when I dusted it off a while ago it got an Apollo 1240 then had it upgraded to a A1260.

In retrospect I get the Commodore tactics of selling it at an affordable price point while making it upgradable enough to allow a pile of creative upgrades.
One could say CBM missed the performance mark but obviously they didn't think this would be their last low/mid range Amiga...

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