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I would pay for an Amiga game, sure, but it would have to be an AAA tile, with a quality level akin to that seen in the last glorious days of the Amiga, like Lionheart or Chaos Engine. Pay for games like Tales of Gorluth or Lumberjack Reloaded? No. I'm sorry, your efforts are greatly appreciated and I do love your games, but they aren't worth the money (hence why they're great free, and praiseworthy for such, but I never bough any of them nor would I ever do so). The Amiga is the Amiga and has a recognised set of capabilities. For a game to be worth the money, it has to use those capabilities, or else I'll stick to the good old classics. Don't get me wrong, I love every little game that graces our Amiga and I recognise the right for any creator to charge money for their creation, but just as I recognise their right to charge money, I recognise my own right to choose not to pay. Games that are sub-par in terms of Amiga hardware that are for sale, I simply ignore as if they don't exist, which is a pity since the author had a considerable amount of work and it's not being appreciated. Free games, on the other had, have my utmost respect! Any of them, regardless of final quality. But when money is involved, I demand quality. Lot's of it. Give me a Dynablaster-like quality end product and you'll see the colour of my money (15€ tops, though. Don't come charging 60€ or something. That's PS4 value, ok?), else you won't see a dime. Sorry, but that's the cold, naked truth.
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