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Pang - built-in cheats

I can't seem to find any record of these on the interwebs, so for anyone interested: Pang has some built-in cheat keys.

Enable them by typing (during game, with spaces, without quotes):

"ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok pang is good for you"
If successful the following in-game keys will activate:

I  - Invincibility Toggle

F1 - Easy
F2 - Normal
F3 - Difficult
F4 - Very Difficult

Keypad 7 - Weapon 1
Keypad 8 - Weapon 2
Keypad 9 - Weapon 3
Keypad 4 - Weapon 4

Right Shift - Debug Mode

[Found whilst checksum-hunting on my own crack of SPS 0929 - fun times, merci PA ]
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