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Now I have made it a total of three votes for $80 and above.

$80 AUD is what a 25 quid Amiga game would cost when imported into Australian computer stores back in the early 90's. I paid it then and I would pay it now, especially now that I'm a grown man and am not relying on allowance from my parents and gifts from other family members but have my own money.

I would add that it must be a game that I actually want to play and feel is worth the money. For example $15 AUD for boxed Tanks Furry seems like a reasonable shareware fee for a physical copy of what is ultimately a free game. $55 AUD for the DVD boxed Gold Edition of AlarCity seemed fair so I paid it also.

But no way am I touching Solid Gold or Tales of Gorluth. You would have to pay me to play these or indeed any game made using BackBone! I'd rather pay for a game made in SEUCK.
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