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The WiModem itself can run at up to 4Mbps for serial. The Amiga obviously can't through it's port, but it can use 57600 easy enough. I believe higher baud rates are possible using a special device driver.

I have been tempted to make a parallel port version, but then it would not be compatible with other retro computers. The demand from the Tandy 100 laptop community alone has been 10x as much as the Amiga community (who knew)?

I made the WiModem-232 in a plastic case that plugs into a DB-25 serial port. There is a power input plug (5v wall wart), and there is no display on this version. Retail price will be $49.95. All of the same features of the C64 version, such as WPS setup, remote update capability, and the upcoming virtual drive features.
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