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Hi Chocsplease,

You don't need to use the ADF (Disk) for OS 4.1 FE Classic.. Only the CD (image) unless you're using a real Amiga, perhaps. I "ripped" my image to Hard Drive and it works well. Do these steps:

CSPPC should be your processor, as it is mine to mimic my A4000. When you first power on WinUAE press the ESCape key almost the moment you let go of that click. This will cause the CSPPC Menu to display. It's easy to miss. In the SCSI section, in Unit 0 (most common), double click that line. Screen will change, look for the "No CDRom Mount" near the bottom. Click it twice. Now it'll be set for "CDRom Boot". Click Use, then Return, and now Save.
Do that AFTER you've done this: In the Hardware part find "CD & Hard Drives". Now make an "Optical Drive". Clock on "Add SCSI/IDE CD Drive". Change HD Controller to CyberStormPPC. Use "0". Click "Add CD Drive".
At the bottom, select "Select image file". Find your ISO or CUE file. Or use the button to the right of it and pick your Optical Drive.

Since you used the advice from Toni then I'm sure you now also have the ROM set. So, click Start and it should at least boot from the CD. That'll get it all started. Remember to go back to the CSPPC's menu and disable booting when you don't want it to do that anymore and change it back to what it was when you first accessed that menu. :-)
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