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Originally posted by manicx
That's exactly what I am saying. If people whould be interested in the Amiga scene, they would have probably come into some kind of negotiation. Did they win anything by shutting down CU. DID THEY? What a bunch of idiots they WERE in the Amiga market!
The same goes for all those games companies that complained about piracy. Yes, they may have been upset that they spent two years writing a game only for it to have been cracked and uploaded to a dozen BBSes within an hour of its release, but they should have come to some kind of agreement with the pirates! What kind of idiot complains that his hard work is stolen by someone else and exploited for profit?

Hard work is hard work, whether its a game, a magazine, a website, etc. You can't steal someone else's work and use it to make yourself money. Well, okay, SCO might currently be getting away with it in the Linux world...

As for Amiga Active, no mag will get to the issue they got with such a small market. I still rate it as one of the most proffesionally written Amiga mag with excellent editorial team. Their mistake was to drop down Amiga Active for the shake of Digital.
Amiga Active was low on editoral, lacked depth and had too many illustrations and too little text. You could argue that this reflects the state of the Amiga market, and you'd probably be right, but I think that if it had been around in the heyday of the Amiga magazine, it'd probably have been comparable with Amiga Computing or Amiga User International. I'd have read it occasionally, but I can't imagine it being a substitute for CU or AF.
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