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- I'd like to make it clear that AP2 was an unofficial follow-up to Amiga Power, written by ex-writers of the mag, so the above allegations against it have nothing to do with Amiga Power itself (which ended several years before AP2).

- Can anyone give details of the court case?

- As far as I can see, the suggestion that CU Amiga was 'shut down' by the AP2 team has absolutely no basis in fact. EMAP (CU Amiga) are a major publishing firm and are a 'Public Limited Company'. This means that they have to answer to their shareholders and cannot justify a non-profit making magazine. Future (Amiga Format) are a 'Private Limited Company' and therefore do not have to answer to shareholders. Essentially, while both CU and AF were not selling in great numbers, Future could afford to keep AF running for a little longer than EMAP could with CU. Of course, it's easier to claim that a couple of evil freelance journalists killed CU Amiga, because poor old EMAP couldn't meet the bills after going broke following a terrible court case.

- As freelance journalists, the AP2 crew were entitled to payment for their work. They were happy enough to put AP2 on the Internet for free, but when CU Amiga used it on their CD, EMAP was effectively making money out of their work without paying for it. Just because it was put on the Internet doesn't mean that companies can automatically make cash out of it. And wanting to be paid for your work has nothing to do with a 'betrayal' of the Amiga scene.
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