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Originally posted by ant512
CU Amiga copied the entire AP2 website onto their cover CD without permission. Jonathan Nash and co. sued for copyright infringement, won the case, and CU shut down soon after.

Amiga Active first began years after AP closed. AP ran for 70-odd issues; Amiga Active ran for 30 at the most.

From a journalistic perspective, I always prefered Amiga Format to CU - the quality of the writing was far higher. Except when AF started awarding 80% for even the worst tosh in an attempt to boost the software market, of course, but by that time CU had closed.

Remember, kids: plagiarists never prosper.
That's exactly what I am saying. If people whould be interested in the Amiga scene, they would have probably come into some kind of negotiation. Did they win anything by shutting down CU. DID THEY? What a bunch of idiots they WERE in the Amiga market! BTW, do not forget that CU was selling less than 15k copies a month and EMAP could not handle this figure. AF continued with the same figures due to the fact that Future had greater profit margins from other mags too.

AF crew, was also a bunch of idiots. Their reaction towards Amiga in 1999 to equip the Amiga with Linux rather than QNX drove the team really mad. They appeared in the W.O.A. 99 with T-Shirts opposed to that. What kind of proffesionalism is that? Worst ever thing I experienced in my life. Another indication how journalist destroy a shrinking market instead of supporting it.

As for AF awarding 80%+ in everything in the mag, this started long before CU went down. I still remember the review of Eat the Whistle. I think they gave it 82%! Made me laugh. Not to mention the cover disks. CU dominated the Amiga market with the excellent cover disks and CDs. The saga continued in AmigaActive. The AF disks were just amateur.

As for Amiga Active, no mag will get to the issue they got with such a small market. I still rate it as one of the most proffesionally written Amiga mag with excellent editorial team. Their mistake was to drop down Amiga Active for the shake of Digital. They didn't drop down Amiga Active for its bad sales, they thought it is a good idea to differentiate and expand to new markets. They failed. Had they been into Amiga Active, I am 100% the mag would still be around.
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