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The thread title says "SteamPC"
But upon investigation it seems that it is actually
Windows and MacOS only!
So I take issue with the use of the term SteamPC in this threads title as I feel it is fundamentally inaccurate!

It is a Windows and MacOS game and will not run on either of MY "SteamPC's"!

Therefore it is not a bloody SteamPC game when it is not available for SteamOS as well!

It is a Windows game! I take issue with the idea that Windows=PC. I expect better from the Amiga community. Shame!

There are many PC's which do not run Microsoft or Apple products which do run Steam. Get it right!

Although judging from the screenshots, as a SteamOS user I am not missing out on much by not being able to run this game in the Linux client any more than I was missing out by not being able to play the crappy Cannon Fodder 3 game. The fact that supporting Linux seems to require a degree of technical competency outside of the abilities of many producers of mediocre Steam games seems to mean that while there may be less titles available the ones that are available tend to have a higher quality on average.
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