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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
The level which i have tried out, and have not found a valid solution (even playing it on POD1.3 on dos) is level 2 from honx01.pod
(the teleporters are still left ingame, but at least pod v1.3 wants them to be stepped on)
means if you use the teleporter, there are only blue squares left, which now lead to the empty space (where the teleporter were)
if you do not use the teleporter, you can walk back, but cant end the level, because teleporter are there.
there are some tricky levels. and there are some real mean and nasty ones.
sometimes you have to go back to go forward. back & forward, back & forward...
all levels i was able to test so far in your walk over puzzle port are beatable.
also they should be, my levels were only "finished" when i have beaten them.
just uploaded a solution for this level. as i'm unable to record within winuae,
i played it in dos version, using d-fend along with dosbox, so i could record.
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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
You can find Amiga Assembler von null auf hundert, Amiga C für Einsteiger and more as PDFs if you google a bit.
i'll have a look, thx.

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