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I was very happy with the 150mb hard drive as that made life SO much easier for saving files and installing games.

I was dissapointed with the speed, didnt really feel much faster than the 500 and only 2mb of ram.

when i upgraded to an 060 blizzard and 32mb of ram, THAT was how the A1200 should have been from the start.

Unfortunately, the computer i bought in 1995 which was finally at full speed by 1996, was now on par with its rival from 1992/3 the ability to play doom at a decent speed.

by this time the pc was onto quake 2 or 3 and the psx was light years ahead of what my amiga could do.

but for those 3 years before i got my psx is 98, the a1200 was amazing and still is to this day.
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