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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Crash is caused by a a bug, apparently you had configured some manual Z2 fast previously, then disabled it by setting size to zero, but mapping code didn't check for size, only if manual address pair was configured.. Configured space then shadowed KS ROM and more..

Workaround: Select Z2 Fast Ram #1 in Advanced memory settings, set some size (anything else than "none"), then untick Manual configuration, put size back to none.

It is also recommended to use CSPPC SCSI instead of mainboard IDE (CSPPC SCSI is much faster in emulation because it is DMA controller, DMA emulation is fast)

You can also enable UAE Boot ROM but it must be set to 128k indirect mode, this enables directory harddrives and other UAE expansions.
Hi Toni,

Many thanks for the reply, your workaround fixed the crash and I now have both the cd and hd on the csppc scsi.

Unfortunately I still don't have a successful boot. Winuae spins the floppy from track 40 to 00 and back to 39 where everything just stops. It's not a crash, and I don't get a guru its like its waiting for something.

In the past I've had a requester pop up asking for the OS4.1FE cd to be inserted but here nothing.

Any ideas?
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