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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
no copy protection support needed, just got over 600 Amiga floppies from a Dutch scener, and it would be nice to boot then straight in WinUae with my kryoflux drive hooked onto the PC. Allows me to quickly decide if the disk needs to be preserved or not.
Now I need first to ADF the floppy in kryoflux and mount it in WinUAE before I know what is actually on the disk. Ok for a few, but with 600 floppies, it's going to be a massive task.
Dirkies, just choose the ADF imaging thru the kryoflux board via the Graphic user interface given with it.

It's as fast as doing it under winuae.

And even better, we can help here with the disks, just dump them
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