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Originally Posted by Stejjie View Post
Not sure about that: according to, it's difficult to find detailed sales figures; but in Germany- up until December 1993 - the A600 comfortably outsold the A1200. Presumably that changed somewhat from 1994 onwards and I don't know how representative Germany was/is, but certainly for the first year or so of the A1200's life it was outsold by the A600 (which didn't have a massive headstart time-wise and presumably didn't have many 500/500+ owners upgrading to it).
According to Commodore Germany's official numbers in the beginning of 1994, they had sold 193 000 A600s and 95 500 A1200s.

So the A600 had outsold the A1200 by a factor of two, although the A600 was discontinued by then while the A1200 had a few years left.

By comparison, the A500 had sold a bit over one million and the A2000 had sold 124 500 machines in Germany.
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