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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Remember, PC at this time only had FAT16, it was not until 1996 FAT32 came.
FFS isn't much better than FAT to be honest. Glad we have PFS now.

Originally Posted by TEG View Post
There was the productivity mode but it was a joke. The resolution was so different in the X and Y axis that it was impossible to work with it.
Productivity is bog standard 640x480.

Originally Posted by TEG View Post
I remember once, I try to use it (the A1200 was delivered with a VGA adaptor if I remember well) but if you clicked on something using a different resolution, the VGA monitor was of course lost and you were stuck. The problem was here too if you drag down the screen.
You have to use mode promotion. Without it, you get the mess you describe. I use my A1200 with a VGA adapter, and use double PAL exclusively. Only rarely do I have problems.

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
What were they thinking

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
PS. A1200 magic pack+blizzard 1230 IV, 8mb ram, 850mb HD, 8x CD and multisync M1438=above Pentium 166 cost
I still MUCH rather have the A1200 Peecees back then sucked monkey butt (not anymore, of course).
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