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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
Look at all the amigans to this day that use Doom as a benchmark for their amiga use. Where did that game come from?
Well, it was not PC...

Doom was developed on NeXT workstations, under the NEXTSTEP operating system. The Doom game engine was programmed in C, and the editing tools were written in Objective-C.

I loved the A1200, bought it close after launch with 80mb 2.5" hard drive and was really impressed with AmigaOS 3.1, it felt stable/mature compared to any shit the noisy PCs had to offer at the time which was Windows 3.1 booted from DOS.

Pure Amiga multitasking compared to Windows 3.1 silly task switching, no match. Also nice you didn't have to run chkdsk (or Norton Utilities) every damned time the computer hang or power failed, granted, booting the A1200 took a bit longer after fail, but at least automatic with FFS then. Remember, PC at this time only had FAT16, it was not until 1996 FAT32 came.

I read some rants about the A1200 keyboard, not sure why, I thought it was an improvement compared to A500. What's bad about it? It's not like I have any other 25 year old keyboards still going strong to compare with.
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