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[solved] Getting a USBC (USB Floppy Drive Emulator with HxC) to work


I have bought a "USBC - USB Floppy Drive Emulator" in a cased version sold by lotharek. However I have trouble using it! Has anyone of you more success with this product?

I connect it to DF1 with a suitable cable and choose inside the HxC Floppy Emulator Software the device as Amiga, DF1. As adf file I give it a "creature" made by Actionware. When I select everything an reset the amiga by pressing crt and both amiga buttons nothing happens. Two red LEDs are supposed to flash...

The floppy cable itself works, I connected a spare Amiga floppy drive to DF1. Am I supposed to boot from DF1 or so?

The solution was to choose MTRON and check twisted cable, rather than DS1 or DS0... so annoying that this isn't documented anywhere...

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