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Iv uploaded a new changed version, (now the editor checks if the filesize of the file is 5532 bytes, if not, it will ask you if you want to delete this file.)

@Honx, the bootblock from the ADF file is from action replay amiga. It checks for resident (virus) programs at the booting, and on amiga 500, if there is no resident program in memory, it displays a green screen, or if it found something, it displays that requester from your picture

On Kickstarts above 1.3 it always displays the requester to clear the memory. (actually it looks like guru meditation in red on a500 kick1.3) but somehow it is not displayed correctly on kick2.0+.

If you do not like it, you can install a new bootblock, as the game does not need it.

The level which i have tried out, and have not found a valid solution (even playing it on POD1.3 on dos) is level 2 from honx01.pod
(the teleporters are still left ingame, but at least pod v1.3 wants them to be stepped on)
means if you use the teleporter, there are only blue squares left, which now lead to the empty space (where the teleporter were)
if you do not use the teleporter, you can walk back, but cant end the level, because teleporter are there.

For the game, iv used the normal a500 config, with 8x cpu frequency, (but the movement works at the same speed as on 2x (a500). I could not test it on the real hardware.
The trouble is that the game is running on 640x256 resolution, 16 colors. The double buffering of amos slows down here.

Of course there may be tricks to speed up all this, but i guess minor changes in the sourcecode needs to be done.

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