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MODs of the month April 2017

Well perhaps a daily tracker selection was a bit too much to expect anyone to maintain for long. But a monthly selection of YouTube recordings of modules seems a bit more practical for the medium of a web forum.

First is not a MOD but a Demo, I'm sure you all know it
[ Show youtube player ] music by Echo
But is very music centric in it's design and all the mods are easy to find.

Second is one of mine, I could not resist An AHX module from 2010
[ Show youtube player ]
It's a pretty shitty MP3 render it sounds much better on real hardware.
You may recognise the first few minutes from this demo of ours
[ Show youtube player ]

And two more from my friend cTrix
[ Show youtube player ]
I remember hearing this at Syntax when it was an entry in the music comp
[ Show youtube player ]

That should be enough to get us started.

All of these modules can be found online by searching the usual repositories such as Aminet or Amiga Music Preservation, I can't be arsed providing links but they are there

Feel free to add to this list on the condition that any attached Amiga music also be readily obtainable in its original format.

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