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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
It's clear that you didn't really have anything to do with the PCs. The PCs had much more and better games than the Amiga at the time (1994). Where were you? Have you seen X-Wing? Day of the tentacle?

About price. Can you give us a comparison of how much a 486 with VGA cost at 1994 and how much an equivalent Amiga 4000 with Hard disk and mulitisync monitor? Yes you need a mulitisync monitor to show all resolutions on the Amiga.

The consoles games were about double the price of the A500 games with much higher quality against the amateur Amiga software. Except if you refer to pirated copies that push the software houses away from the Amiga too.
Having better graphics doesnt equate to having better games.
In the UK the Amigas biggest market, the first PC for sale under £1000 came out late 1993, a 386 25mhz and that still couldn't run Doom full screen.

A 486 in 1994 would have been more than £1000, same for the first Pentiums, I'm all for comparing oranges with oranges but an A1200 vs a PC that can run X-Wing full speed is not.
And why are you comparing PCs to a A4000 when we are talking about the budget A500-A1200 machines?

And you must be forgetting the dozens of games that got ported to the 16-bit consoles after originating from the Amiga, though I guess consoles must have got amature software too then
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