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I wish someone would make a successor to the A500 now. But it has to actually be like an Amiga. I've seen that Vampire A600 and that's not in the right spirit at all IMO. Like fitting a jet powered engine to a mini.

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I had bought a 3000 and looked at the 4000 when it came out but it was a downgrade with a 68ec030 (no MMU) with no FPU or slow and expensive a3640, no SCSI, ugly limited box, etc. The AGA was ok. It looked gorgeous and the possibility to play AGA games was nice but I didn't want to have to buy an accelerator and SCSI card to get back to the capabilities of my 3000. I ended up buying a CV64/3D for my 3000 instead. Although it is incompatible with most AGA games, it is many times faster and has chunky. It blew AGA away for productivity and the RTG is pretty seamless. The few RTG games were faster with the gfx card. Yea, it would have been better if C= had made a better, faster, chunky, upgradeable integrated gfx solution with RTG but they didn't. I wasn't disappointed with the 1200 at the low end of the market as AGA had appropriate capabilities there. It was also fairly expandable although I thought the base processor should have been a low clocked 68030 CPU with memory socket (the CD32 too). I thought the 3000 and 1200 were right from a marketing perspective and the 4000 and 600 all wrong. The 3000 could have had AGA and the 1200 should have been more mass produced to lower costs instead of sharing production with the 600 so C= management even messed them up. All the big box Amigas from the 4000 on should have used the same motherboard, standard tower cases and standard power supplies.
They could have probably cranked up the clock speed of a standard 68000 (maybe doubled it for compatability) and by saving money here, then added more graphics features, sprites etc, made hardware scrolling more useable (Amiga hardware scrolling was always a bit difficult). Look at a game like Fast Striker in Maniac mode on the Neo Geo. Looks almost like a modern bullet-hell schmup and no slowdown.The Neo Geo just has a 12mhz 68k and a load of sprites - that's all. You needed a massmarket base spec that sells. Something that looks impressive, sells! AGA was just not powerful enough for the time it was released. The Megadrive was 3 years old and comfortably outguns it in most games. Games are what sold the Amiga to most people in the first place and made it popular.

Strange though because i can see how the A1200/CD32 were huge improvements on the C64GS and CDTV. They didn't go far enough though.
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