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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
The A500+ didn't have a built-in TV modulator.
Yeah got mixed up with the A600

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
The A1200 was launched December 1993, so naturally the A500 and A600 outsold it in 1992. The A500 was cancelled in the summer of autumn of 1992 and not sold at all by 1993. The A600 was also quickly cancelled, and if it ever outsold the A1200, it did so by virtue of being a cancelled, dirt-cheap machine (in Sweden, it sold at 2 000 SEK in 1993).
The A1200 launched in 1992.
The A600 did outsell the A1200, and being cancelled machine doesn't automatically mean people will buy it, people didn't buy the A1200 because it wasn't a big enough leap.
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