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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
if the A1200 was released instead of the A500+ in 1991, it would have been a worthy successor. But first the A500+ & then the A600 were stupid decisions sapping away potential A1200 buyers.
And the A1200 should have been called the A600, while the actual A600 should have never existed.
Well I hindsight it's easy to say.

I don't think the A500+ was a stupid decision, extra memory and built in tv modulator were welcomed extras that saved money,

The A600 was renamed from the A300 thanks to Commodore Germany, and should have been a heck of a lot cheaper.

But the A500 was just hittting it's stride in 1991, if anything the A1200 killed the whole brand in one fell swoop, the A500 and A600 were outselling the A1200 through 92-93 proof that people wanted budget computers with the best games more than a few more fancy colours, and is why the bigger developers stayed with OCS machines until the end.
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