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I'm disappointed the ARM based AMIGA didn't come out at all as well as the AGA Micro & AGA PC editions not having 3 buttons like it's CD32 version.

Not so much the hardware as some good stuff could and should have come out like an evolution of the crap arcade ports on the A500 like Outrun and Double Dragon being made into good hit arcade perfect versions on the A1200 which wasn't to be until now if someone could be bothered to make it happen.

The ARM powered one would have worked now with Octocore being invented and Android being one of the top of the food chain brands of hardware now because this real ARM PC by AMIGA would smash Android so now it's the perfect time to revive it but also let it be sponsered by Colento so we can have a new mode for current hardware stuff but also load the real old hardwares kickstarts up on it using the highest spec every hardware can handle on it's titles which means Vampire type speed on everything old hardware configs on startup and even higher in new OS 5 mode.

The key thing being able to load every kickstart and workbench and configs for old games from a menu as well as the new ARM kickstart 4.0 with OS 5 which is your main mode and to change it you have to hold the button down and change your old hardware kickstart and RAM on the menu like an A1200 but it loads new mode by default.

It will come with a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive for AMIGA CD Rom titles but you can run old floopy games like a GOTEC would on it in the old modes like any other modern retro hardware although this would be a legit new computer with real hardware backwards modes on it provided by the software kickstarts by Colento officially and legally and legal games already on it but you can back up your own games into an ADF on your old hardware AMIGA's and use them too via SD cards.

It would be awesome if the ARM AMIGA came out now that there is a legit market for ARM based computers again and also be able to upgrade the processor and RAM like past AMIGAs and current PC's which you can't do a smartphone or tablet ARM hardware because AMIGA would be customizable ARM hardware including upgrading prosessors to the latest Octo and above cores and RAM to 16GB and above PC levels and that would be the difference between ARM AMIGA & ARM Android if ARM AMIGA existed now.

So yeah it's a shame the idea was around but it never went into existence then or now where quite honestly it's required as AMIGA is popular again in the retro underground and a hardware that can do the old and new 100% perfection from real kickstart files during the hold button boot screen not emulation in OS 5 the default plus finally getting PS4/X-Box One pad amount of buttons for playing on the new titles with this machine could become king of the ARM world bar none and also bring AMIGA back from death to a legit brand again on par and even above Android if you can use an ARM phone or tablet as a control on the move with the hardware displaying on the screens of the less powerful hardware as the only thing your other device will be is display and play whilst the ppowerhouse pimped up hardware 16GB RAM Octocore AMIGA is still doing the processing which gives you the option of playing on holiday as long as you don't mind leaving the AMIGA on like a SKY Box.

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