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If it didn't have backwards compatibility then i think it would go down as a bigger failure, but if you upgraded or bought one outright, you had the best of both worlds at the time.

I guess the closest thing you can compare it too now would be the PS4 and PS4 Pro in terms of not being a big leap in tech but being backwards compatible meant a lot back then, well it still does.

I think people tend to forget that the main console generation in 92 was the 16-bit MD and SNES, that didn't change in Europe until 1995 with the PS1 and Saturn, heck the SNES carried on until late 96 (Q1 1997 in EU) being Nintendo's flagship model!

The industry was alot different back then to how it is now, its not so b&w, sadly its predictable and boring hardware wise with even consoles heading to minor upgrades every few years.
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