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Disappointed? Yes and No. At that time it was seen as successor to A500 and I was not really disappointed because it had more ram, faster processor and of course better graphics. Looking at it from today of course it was too little too late. At that time I did not really look at other platforms but was a pure amiga fan owning different models up to A4000/30 with 4 MB RAM and Graphiccard and A1200 with HD so I was not really disappointed. Fast RAM would have been nice but ram at that time was worth a fortune so it was propably not realistic.

I disagree with some comments... more colours were urgent at that time because most new games were developed for VGA and nobody was anymore willing to develop in fact a new set of graphics for the small amiga market. The reality were cheap ports or more propably not supporting amiga anymore. AGA made porting PC games to amiga much easier again, if you look at old game magazines it is obvious that the situation at the beginning of 90s had changed, before amiga was game platform number one, in the 90s PC was first and then games were ported to amiga.

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