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Clicking Desktop in file dialog "hangs"

This is probably another buggy-shell-extension problem, but there was no change after disabling all non-Microsoft ones using ShellExView. (I have whatever ones Visual Studio installs still active at the moment.)

On Windows 10 1607 64-bit. Run 64-bit WinUAE and open a file dialog, e.g. by clicking "..." on Floppy drives page. It seems to work correctly, except for one thing. If I click Desktop (under This PC in the tree-view on the left), the main part of the dialog just says "Working on it..." but no files/icons appear.

The program hasn't crashed though. I can click another folder in the file dialog, or click Cancel to dismiss it. It's just clicking on Desktop which seems to have that issue. Also, I can expand Desktop in the left tree-view (to show its subdirectories) then click on one of the subdirectories and the files in that are shown correctly.

Is there some logging option which might give relevant info? The problem only happens on the 64-bit version of WinUAE.

Update: sometimes clicking Desktop causes a "WinUAE has stopped working..." message to appear.
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