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Originally Posted by steviebwoy View Post
Hi folks,

Just a quick one, I've been off the scene for a while but was just wondering what my best option is for running .hdf files on my Nvidia Shield? I've tried UAE4Arm and I don't know whether I had it configured correctly, but I had quite severe input lag. I was playing SWOS so maybe I'm asking for a bit much, but the players seemed to not react quite as quickly as I'm used to, and at the end of matches (when the players run off the field) many of the players were noticeably stuttering off the field.

Are there some optimum settings I should be adopting or a better emulator I could use? I was attempting to emulate A1200 with a SWOS hdf file.

Many thanks
there aren't good emulators in Android they are all very lame and incomplete full of bugs
if you want to try AMiga emulation in a tablet is by far better to use a win 8 or win 10 tablet then you can use winuae
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