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I'm not a programmer so I don't understand what's involved, so all I can do is give an example. STEEM, the excellent Atari ST emulator (hey you, stop throwing tomatoes at me!) has this cool option called "auto-borders" which detects when the border is being used or not and re-adjusts the screen accordingly. I find that I must use the "laptop" screen setting - even though I don't have a laptop - instead of "straight blit" in the fullscreen menu. With laptop setting on and auto-borders, the screen completely stretches out to the size of my monitor whether using borders or not, albeit it is smoothed out (my card does the same thing in MAME when I select auto stretching.)

I know the Atari ST is different. And again, I know nothing about programming, but if it is at all possible somehow it would be cool. Forgive my ignorance.

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