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Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp View Post
How would you connect to a router with bluetooth and access the internet? The purpose of a Wifi Modem is to connect to a router and hence the internet. Bluetooth wouldn't be good for that. Not to mention the limited range.

This device clearly has a market and there are plenty of people, as evidenced on other boards, that enjoy connecting to BBSs and telnet boards with their classic computers. This is an easy solution, compared to the others that are out there, for telnet BBS type connections, anyway.

This seems pretty easy to me and cheap to do, then once it is set up you just telnet to your BBS. This requires another machine which has an internet connection.

I suppose if your household only has an Internet connection with a WiFi Router and no other computers other than Amigas you're out of luck. Bluetooth is usually good for around 20' so as long as the other machine connected to the internet is in the same room you can do it.

Seems like a similar way to crack the same egg.
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