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Originally Posted by fondpondforever View Post
There is a new Amiga magazine coming in July called Amiga User. Have you heard of it? What do you think it will be like compared to Amiga Future.
Ok, I will try to bring this conversation back away from the usual flaming with my observations of Amiga User compared to Amiga Future.

The first impressions I get from both Amiga Future and Amiga User is Amiga Future is more focussed on modern Amiga products while Amiga User is more focussed on classic Amiga usage.

I imagine that there may be some modern Amiga coverage in Amiga User, and I know that there is some classic Amiga coverage in Amiga Future. But overall I think that the established magazine is more "modern tech" focussed, and the newer publication is more "classic user" focussed (surprise, surprise).

I think that the Amiga scene while kind of underground is very much big enough for two publications to survive. Especially if they cover different aspects. This would not have been true 10 years ago, but the Amiga is now of an age where it is very much retro and cool. As I was taking my A1200 to the shipping centre to be delivered to its new home I had numerous people stop me and say how they have fond memories of the Amiga. If I were a bastard I would have even sold it to the guy who offered to pay $50 more than the eBay buyer cash in hand.

Also I should state that I personally have something of a small but friendly business relationship with So on a personal level I wish for them to succeed even more than I might if I were just a regular Amiga user.

I will certainly be purchasing the eBook version as soon as I have a positive bank balance again, I'm just waiting for PayPal to deposit money from a recent sale, and if I did not live half-way around the world from Poland then I would probably get the paper version too.

But of course I am personally biased in their favour as I have mentioned. But one potential issue which Amiga User may have is their coverage of games and applications which they sell themselves being heavily biased in their favour. For example if they give a good review to Solid Gold then that may indicate that the reviewer is not impartial.
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