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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Nowhere close to all games. I just finished watching all of it, and there are about 1780 games recorded.
Not even close is exactly right. I just checked HOL and there are 6806 entries!

Ok so some of them are duplicates with alternate titles, and some of them are PD/Shareware.

But even if we limit our search to games which were officially released as commercial titles there's still 5398 entries.

So not even close to 50% of all commercial Amiga games. Sadly this kind of misrepresentation is all over YouTube, FaceBook, etc.

Now if it were only Amiga original games, including PD/Shareware then it's

Confirmed Amiga original: 1561,
Unknown origin possibly Amiga: 3344

So even if a quarter of those "unknown" games are Amiga original there's still more Amiga original games than the total number of games in that list.

And it should of course be noted that even HOL is an incomplete list of Amiga games which is being constantly updated.
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