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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I guess the easiest way is to program it in Amos Pro: search google for "Amos Pro Manual (PDF)"

or look for amiblitz at (i havent programmed in blitzbasic on amiga (only on pc), so i do not know what is the difficulty level for a beginner.
If you're coding for classic Amiga (no FPU) then I would suggest you go for Blitz 2.1 rather than AmiBlitz. AmiBlitz may have a number of improvements over Blitz 2 but compatibility with classic Amigas is not something that it's very good at and therefore not at all recommended for classic Amiga development. If you were coding a tool which does a lot of floating point mathematics, like an image or audio processing tool for "modern" or extremely upgraded "classic" Amiga then I would say AmiBlitz would be the best tool for the job. But we're talking about coding a game, so this is not the case.

If you are used to AMOS then Blitz may seem alien and unnecessarily complicated, but if you are untainted by any experience with other versions of the BASIC language then Blitz 2 may be easier. It will require you to enter more lines of code, but it also gives the programmer a far greater degree of control with relatively easy to understand commands, and is generally more efficient with its use of system resources.

With DisasterArea we have used Blitz 2 to set up our display routines which would then have 68K ASM routines applied to their bitmap objects. Although you could do this with AMOS it wouldn't be as easy to get our graphics routines running "in a frame" with AMOS as it was in Blitz 2. Also Blitz 2 would enable us to easily implement some fancy copper tricks which would be tricky if not impossible with AMOS.

AMOS is based on STOS for the Atari ST, Blitz 2 is Amiga native. That alone should speak volumes for why Blitz is advisable over AMOS if you're looking to learn how to code on an Amiga.

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