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Originally posted by IanS

If you want people to say "Wow, an Amiga can do that?", you might as well write a demo... that's what demo's are for.

If you want a game that people will play and play again, it needs playability (which doesn't require good graphics or sound) AND it needs exceptional graphics and sound... because virtually every type of game already has lots of clones or derivatives that feature one or both of the above in varying amounts.
Hmm... I don't get the point. I think the main goal of Akira (and anyone involved on this possible future project) isn't to push Amiga hardware to the limits, but to bring a new life to a "dead" computer (commercially speaking), and make something new, maybe it could be the usual shoot'em'up, platform, beat'em'up...
who cares?
With the effort of many people we can imagine to be a big developement team, and make something impossible to think years ago.
Remember it's not so easy to make a game from scratch. And making it good, playable, with marvellous graphics and sound it's almost impossible...
We don't need a Quake XXXII - Amiga Super Enhanced Version WithRealBloodSquirtingOutOfYourMonitor, but only a good playable game.
It must be enjoyable. Because it's *our game*.
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