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An AGA Amiga could handle most of Thimbleweed Park quite admirably. Of course it would have to have elements cut down and altered, the main one being the big parallax sections, it would simply be easier and quicker to just all parallax elements stop and use a big mask for each screen so you could have the characters walk behind and in front of those usually scrolling elements.

As for game logic, some are under the impression this is a complex game, it isnt.

Moving all those graphics around at an acceptable rate would be the biggest overhead

Even an A500 version could be done, but it would have limited appeal, because to try and play TP from floppy is simply nonsense, it dwarfes Monkey Island 2, would have to be hard drive/CD only, and the effort would be better spent on AGA as it would look quite favourable in comparison to other modern versions.

But its a BIG task, would take months to do even if Ron Gilbert handed over all the files and game design to make it happen, its possible, but the kind of effort needed to do this (for free!!) Would impact someones family life quite considerably.
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