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Originally Posted by Aezeroony View Post
... minus the audio speech of course so it could run off floppy or HD install?
The speech is not the difficult part, Don't cut the speech! The Amiga should have no problems loading relatively small samples into memory when needed.

Getting the graphics into a format which can be displayed on a standard PAL or NTSC AGA screenmode is the bit the classic Amiga would have trouble with. And the multi-channel sound routines, and probably the advanced game logic too.

Making the actual game engine run on AGA+020 would basically require you to begin working on code, graphics and music from scratch. At least the plot is already done.

I have not played this particular game, but I have played a few more modern recently released adventure games and it's quite possible that it uses some more complex game logic than the typical SCUMM adventure from the 90's. Which means that even a SCUMM port may require a pretty beefy Amiga to run.

Maybe this is viable if you were targeting users of the Vampire or OS4 PPC machines, but for classic Amiga? Forget it! I won't say it's impossible, but I will say you might as well start your own project from scratch with the amount of work involved in porting this to a classic Amiga, even an accelerated one.

And coming back to both the speech and the idea of a floppy or Amiga HD version. Having over 1GB hard disk space is something that a modern Amiga user can reasonably be expected to have. So having enough room on your hard disk for all that audio is not a problem. Also 22KHz 8-bit samples are obviously going to be far smaller than 16-bit 48KHz samples.

The idea of playing a commercial adventure game from floppies is just, well, I won't describe this in terms of what could be considered an ad-hominem attack, but I will say that such an endeavour was ill-advised back when floppies were a thing which Amiga users had to use!

And now that we have affordable removable storage PCMCIA options does anyone seriously want to play a game that comes on over 2 dozen floppies from the floppy drive?

Ok, maybe some people might enjoy spraining their wrists constantly swapping media with the disk drive or Gotek, but then some people might enjoy having powerful electrodes attached to their nipples. I can assure you such people are very much a minority. I don't deny you your right to be you, but I might remind you that there are very few other people who share your passion for a painful experience.

Oh and if you're going to convert a modern adventure game then why not try converting Dropsy instead? I like Dropsy. Also, Dropsy has no speech.
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