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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Does anyone remember Games or Educational Applications where you could communicate ?
Are you asking about games and applications which used a parallel sampler cartridge to record the users voice for use as an input?

I don't believe I know of any, but can totally conceive of such a thing existing. I would imagine as some sort of proprietary engine for a custom Amiga based machine, like a kiosk. Say for a drivers test or automated information booth.

Also, if you wider your criteria to include all applications, not just educational ones. While I do not know if such a program exists I can easily imagine that there may be some kind of dictation software on Aminet, especially if you include the "modern" Amigas as well as the "classics".

Or are you asking about games and applications which used the translator and narrator functionality of the AmigaOS to read on-screen text out loud to the user? I can name several, mostly text adventures. But I have the feeling that these are not what you are asking about.

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