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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
some hardware are very little like numbers. so bridgeboard users haven't camcorder
you find bridgeboard emulator video instead, but it's not the same things :P
Today is more easy emulate hardware than use real one..
Yes, but this isn't about what is possible and easier now, this is about historically significant hardware and software that is in danger of being lost to time. I mean, I can add as much text as I like to my web site about these things, I can link to pages that give even more information, but we need videos of these things to show that they were real, to show how they worked, to show the significance they had at the time, even if not many people purchased them, that they were available and worked as advertised.

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
Peter's video collection is a good start.
Ahh, yes, that is a good start, thank you, but as far as I can see, that's more about the VHS videos people could purchase, whereas I'm looking for what could be termed "oddware" - hardware and software that is unusual, obsolete and forgotten, but also significantly significant. Emulator hardware, such as the A-Max, various x86 hardware emulators, the Golden Gate 2+ board, that sort of thing.
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