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Originally posted by Akira

Drake's (and mine!) concern is about the storyline, methinks. How are they going to fit the game in the story? I hope Delphine is involved and that they don;'t fuck it up, as Amigaboy said. Luckily they cant make it go 3D, so that will assure that te game retains the original, unmatched, 2D gameplay

Hmmm.. I think they COULD insert the original Flashback in there (they could use a 128Mb cart), but they won't. And not because of the cart size, who knows why.

By the end of the year most GBA carts will be 128Mb, you'll see

By the way, I heard Super mario Advance 2 will include the same minigame as in Super Mario Advance 1... Ok, great, I love Mario Bros, but the owners of the first game wont be very happy. Lets hope Nintendo dont start being lazy arses. That aside, the game's lookimg like a corker.

Oh, and I should buy Warioland Advance. Looks brill. (but I never liked Wario)
And porting old Mario's instead of making new ones isn't lazy? Maybe they're afraid they'll create a bad 2D Mario since they haven't done one for a while.

It's like Nintendo's procrastinating, going:

"We'll just do one more port. Then we'll get started on a new one. Honest."

But we all know what that leads to...
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