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Amiga hardware and software videos.

Not sure if this is in the correct section, but here goes.

As part of my web site and my interest in the Amiga, I've been trying to find videos on youtube of some of the more historically significant Amiga software and hardware.

Now, finding videos of Amiga games is easy, same with many of the more well-known demo scene productions.

But I'm finding there to be very little, if any, video of some of the interesting hardware and software releases.

For example, I have not found any videos of 286 or faster bridgeboards, I couldn't find any video of the A64 software (so I recorded my own little clip and uploaded to youtube) and there seems to be no video of most productivity software, asides from DPaint, which there are plenty of videos of.

Perhaps it's just that I'm not using the correct search terms, but I really do not want this sort of thing to be lost to history.

Can anyone help? I'm particularly interested in videos of software that has been superseded, or hardware that isn't emulated by WinUAE.
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