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"Wait for Blitter"...

Heya Toni,

Another question if I may...

You know that I still use all my old WinUAE v1.0.0 configuration files and they work perfect 99.999% of the time.

I've setup a configuration file for "Amiga CD32" that I've been using for years with many a CD32 game and there's been no issue what-so-ever.

Today I tried out "Ultimate Body Blows" and it ran way too fast

Loaded the game using your Quickstart CD32 and all was good. Only real difference between my config and your Quickstart CD32 is that "Wait for Blitter" is ticked. Clearly this game needs it...

Anyway, now onto my question. None of my 1670+ configurations have "Wait for Blitter" ticked though I know all your Quickstarts do.

Should I be manually adding this line to all my configs just incase?

...or even better, I presume that there's no harm in adding this so could you do something similar like you did with "A500 / 24-bit addressing" so it get's added to configurations that don't have it when launched?

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