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I don't know. Even with the new Shader variables, I got very close but I could not get my own NULL FILTER to exactly reproduce the "None" or "Null Filter" settings. It always introduces some pixel wobble/distortion. E.g. a checkerboard pattern of perfect squares becomes an alternating pattern of squeezed and expanded rectangles.

Since additional transformation rules are hardcoded (but editable) in winuae.fx, I think only a direct hack/modification of winuae.fx with my "sharp-bilinear" filter code could have been able to give me the filter behaviour I wanted. However, in winuae.fx I am missing the SOURCEDIMS and TARGETDIMS variables again

I think the inconsistencies are due to the fact that WinUAE does several transformations to add black borders and center the screen as necessary AFTER the "0" filter is applied. These preset transformations are not simply taking the Amiga Screen texture and magnifying it. The image is also centered. I think it might be those transformations that cause my observed Shader inconsistencies. I did so much testing but could never really pinpoint it down. If I remember right, the transformations are different depending on whether there is a user-defined "0" shader or not... so even if the user-shader is a NULL filter, there is a net difference in what winuae.fx does. If I just bypass winuae.fx, the image is way too small and not centered etc.
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