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GVP Series I SCSI dual ROM

Some time ago I posted this thread about a dual-ROM version of gvpscsi.device version 3.15 for GVP Series I SCSI controllers. My "remastered" version works in WinUAE and apparently on real hardware too.

The other day I noticed that Ralph Babel has made his own dual-ROM version available on his web site. Judging from the file datestamps in gvpscsi3dual.tar.bz2, those EPROM images were built back in 1991 (but presumably never publically released until recently).

WinUAE doesn't support selecting two ROM files for Series I controllers, so you need to build a 16KB combined image and tell WinUAE to use that. I padded the short files from gvpscsi3dual.tar.bz2 and created a combined image; see the attached archive. But I can't get the combined image to work in WinUAE.

I have a config which uses GVP Series I and my remastered 3.15 ROM which works fine. But changing the GVP ROM to gvpscsi16_combined.bin doesn't, WinUAE gets into a reboot loop. That happens with and without JIT.

One crucial difference between my version and Ralph's is that his seems to execute in-place, i.e. it directly runs the ROM code at $E9xxxx (or wherever). Whereas my version copies the ROM code to RAM and runs it from there.

Does WinUAE support that, or have I done something wrong?
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