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Super Street Fighter II Turbo [AGA] & [CD32] - Bug with Ryu's "Super" fireball

Heya guys,

Ransom1122 brought this to my attention

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug with both the [AGA] & [CD32] versions of "Super Street Fighter II Turbo"

This occurs when playing as Ryu and doing his "Super" fireball. See below:
a) AGA version:

[ Show youtube player ]

@ roughly 31 minutes, 40 seconds.

b) AGA version:

[ Show youtube player ]

@ roughly 1 minute, 54 seconds.
To test it's best to:
  • Start a "Versus Game".
  • Select / play with Ryu as Player 1, select anyone for Player 2.
  • Build up the "Super" bar by doing dragon punches etc.
  • Initiate the "Super" fireball by doing 2 x fireball movements and then any strength punch.
Of course I can only test both versions via WinUAE these days...

I've tried Quickstart settings and anything else I can in order to try to resolve this without success...

I'm pretty certain this is a game bug and not an emulation bug but you never know.

People with real A1200's / CD32 consoles; does this occur for you?
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