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Re: The best way to run old stuff on A1200 withoud WHDLoad ???

Originally posted by plasmatron
The tool was bootable directly from disk. After the programm had loadet, u saw the original 1.3 screen (hand with disk of corzz).
Now it was possible to run games that don` t run on a 1200.

A lot of games are running fine with this tool.
I would say that about 10% of old stuff would work with those kind of general tools - most of the problems the WHDLoad team are fixed by hacking the program, removing or rewriting the dodgy parts which cause games to lockup/crash.

I believe that same "lamer" that made Relokick also released a bunch of AGA fixed disk/single file games - you should try and download those as they will run a lot of the games that degraders will not fix. N.O.M.A.D also released a number of fixed versions.

One more thing I've always wanted to know - do people in different parts of the world use a different apostrophe? I notice the original message has don ` t written - in NZ you always write don't - is this normal everywhere else too?
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