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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
I know that it was done by design and it was a good use of the amiga 500 hardware but i thought that perhaps winuae could stabilize the copper flickering like it was done with the interlaced resolution.
It was make by design but because of the amiga ocs/ecs limitation ?? Am i wrong ?
I just thought that it could be cool to play those games without the colour flikering.
I thought that perhaps if you could accelerate the colour switching it could stabilize the effect... But really i don't know... It was just an idea, perhaps a wrong one. ;-)
What you're saying is not crazy at all, but in the case of this game it's dependent on the vertical refresh rate, and the only way to fix this is to rewrite the game code.

The Copper could also be accelerated like you suggest. It would allow changing colors across a scanline faster, and I think demo coders would definitely appreciate it. But, it would also break existing games and demos that rely on the current speed, so it would have to be used with care just like the Immediate Blitter option.
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