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Originally Posted by Crazy C View Post
Yes, thanks, I never used Whdload yet, didn't know of this feature.
No worries as it is a 21st century Amiga application it has not recieved much coverage outside of the Amiga community.

With most casual gamers preferring the ease of just loading up an ADF. And this is perfectly valid.

But if you are considering spending some serious time playing Amiga games then WHDLoad wherever possible is highly recommended. There are a few old bulk packages adding up to more or less 4GB extracted to an Amiga HD once you eliminate all the duplicates for different languages, etc.

If you want a lot of Amiga games rather than just a few games then these are recommended.

It's not every Amiga game with a WHDLoad install, but it's a fair portion of them

These are quite old though and a few games may be both unstable and have newer versions available which fix the bug

While all of these WHDLoad installs are quite accessible via the Workbench you may like to consider using one of the many WHDLoad launcher programs. Such as this one:

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