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CPU emulation and timings.......

Just read this over at the UAE discussion board and thought it was a valid point:

First off thanks to the UAE/WinUAE community for developing a fantastic emulator! Now a little nag………….

A persistent problem in WinUAE is its CPU emulation and timings. I use WHDload games and as already known, some games are incompatible with JIT CPUs causing artefacts.

This isn’t too bad, because you can choose non-JIT CPUs for best compatibility if you have a fast machine. The problem is with non-JIT CPUs, the option “fastest possible but maintain chipset timing” has not been working for quite a few releases now (another known problem). It acts exactly the same as the A500 speed option.

If you use the chipset slider at the bottom, having it set all the way towards CPU gives fast enough performance (4-5 MIPS) but many WHDload games fail to run smooth. Sound fades in and out and emulation timing seems wrong. Set the slider one notch towards chipset and games are fine, but the CPU performance is now 2 MIPS which is slower than my real A1200 with fastram.

So what I’m asking is when will the “fastest possible but maintain chipset timing” option be fixed for non-JIT CPUs, or perhaps an option to emulate A1200 speeds with and without fastram (like the A500 option) be added to the CPU tab?
I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I'd love to know if more timing options/fixes will be possible/planned somewhere down the line.
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