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Originally Posted by ross View Post
Hi Toni, a not replicable crash (with same unresponsive requester like before).

Always the same configuration (AGA, blizzard 1230 MMU FPU, Cycle-exact 8x), WB 3.x, hires unlaced.
Some copper test, lowres, legal DDFxxx (even $048->$0d8 for overrun), shift , color and all: no problems.

If i change from Cycle-exact 8x to 4x then randomly crash (changes made not in custom screen mode but also in WB).
[EDIT: the change from 8x->4x with 'live' machine not a restart; from 4x->8x no problems]

Attached two example dump file.

Not a problem at all, was casual my change of emulation speed, but maybe help You to catch some hidden bug.

Thanks Toni!
Need config + bootable disk that can be used to duplicate this (no HD, no WB). Dumps only point in buffer overflow because crash happens in code that makes no sense.
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